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Adhesives for wood Woodmax WR 13.50M, class D3

One-component adhesive based on the modified vinyl polyacetate dispersion, with water resistance class D4 according to PN-EN 204.

After reaching full strength, the joint has a very good adhesion to wood surface subjected to static and dynamic load and offers good initial adhesion

The adhesive has been certified by the IFT of Rsenheim and the Institute for Wood Technology of Poznań to acknowledge the D3 class according to PN-EN 204.


  • Bonding solid wood for production of interior joinery;
  • Bonding soft wood;
  • Bonding hard wood;
  • Bonding window joinery bonding floor panels;
  • Bonding particle and fibreboard, plywood;
  • Bonding other wood-based material;
  • Intended for use in cold press or manual bonding;
  • Intended for use in hot press for bonding veneer and laminates to particle and MDF boards.


Material preparation

The surface to be bonded must be dry cleaned and free from dust, without traces of oils and fats that would impair adhesion. Wood humidity should be 8 to 12 [%]. The elements to be bonded should be matched to each other.

Adhesive application

Stir the adhesive carefully before use. The adhesive can be applied to one or both sides with a brush, spatula, bottle dispenser, applicator, hand roller or machine (using the nozzle or roller). The recommended amount of adhesive applied, depending on the type of surface, is 90 to 180 [g/m2].


The adhesive does not cause discolouration of wood, but it is recommended to avoid tools containing iron; in contact with wood containing tannin it may cause discolouration.

Open time

Open time: 3 ÷ 10 [min]. The open time depends on the wood type, porosity of the wood, humidity and air temperature and the amount of adhesive applied. Bonding is possible for as long as the adhesive is wet (white).

Bonding temperature

Use in temperatures 15 [°C] ÷ 25 [°C]. Applies to the ambient temperature, especially the temperature of the material bonded and the adhesive.


Pressing pressure — in the range 0.1 to 1.2 [N/mm2] according to the stress occurring in the bonded materials. In case of manual application, the press the surfaces to be bonded together to squeeze out the adhesive excess.

Pressing time — depends on the type of wood and its moisture content, temperature and humidity of air and the amount of adhesive applied, and the stresses occurring in the bonded materials. Press the bonded components until the initial strength is achieved.

Average pressing times suggested:

  • Cold press 15 ÷ 30 [min];
  • Hot press 2 ÷ 10 [min] (depending on press temperature).

Good results can be achieved wile bonding observing the following conditions:

Bonding temperature 15 ÷ 25 [°C]
Relative air humidity 40 ÷ 70 [%]
Wood humidity 8 ÷ 12 [%]
Amount of adhesive applied 90 ÷ 180 [g/m2]
Maximum open time 3 ÷ 10 [min]


Wash the tools in water immediately after completing the work. Do not allow the adhesive to dry out. Mechanically remove dried adhesive from tools after soaking in hot water for (about 1 hour).


Product is available in 20 kg, 60 kg and 1000 kg plastic containers.

Packaging and transportation are not subject to RID/ADR regulations. Other containers can be provided upon agreement between the manufacture and customer. The packaging may not affect the quality of product.


Store in original tightly closed containers at temperature range from +7 to +30 [°C]. Product stored in such conditions does not change its properties in the period of 12 months from the date of production.

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