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Primer water soluble for outdoor decoration SX1420-9024

  • Color: Transparent
  • The binder: Acrylic dispersion
  • The solvent: Water
  • Weight: 1,01 ± 0,01g/ml
  • solids: 8%
  • Viscosity: 10-14 sec at 23° C DIN 4
  • flammability: not flammable
  • The sensitivity to low temperatures: Yes
  • Storage: 1 year. Do not store below +5 °C. Stir well before use.

Water base for tinting, for decoration of windows and other exterior wood products. Impregnating primer, suitable for all construction and timber construction elements made of wood, has good permeability, does not prevent the diffusion of water vapor. The product is intended for use in industrial plants by flow coating or dipping.

Coating materials for wood from the world’s largest producer «Sherwin-Williams».

About «Sherwin-Williams»

«Sherwin-Williams» — one of the largest companies in the production of paints and varnishes. It is expanding its production on all continents since the late nineteenth century. History of Sherwin-Williams begins with names – Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. Thanks to them, the company has become the world’s best.

The manufacturer has a huge assortment list — high quality paints, enamels, primers, impregnating varnishes, etc. The company «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» the distributor of «Sherwin-Williams» (Sherwin-Williams) in Ukraine.

In a partial list of brands owned by Sherwin-Williams include: Sherwin-Williams Krylon, Minwax, Cuprinol, Dutch Boy, Formby’s, Pratt&Lambert, Martin Senour, H&C, White Lightning, Dupli-Color, SeaGuard, Sher-Wood, Polane, Kem, Hi-Temp.

Today it is a multinational perfect trust, high quality, excel in the production of new materials with new and new advantages. The Company owns 34 plant and 3,000 branded stores.

«Sherwin Williams» — where quality is paramount. «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» — distributor of paints «Sherwin Williams». We invite you to cooperate, we will be glad to see you as our partner.

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