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FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» confidently goes towards its goal

It was the tense football week for the children of FC «Euroshpon-Smyga», because three age groups at once took part in various tournaments.

Boys born in 2009-2010 visited the tournament of the regional center of Volyn the «Forward Cup» .

Pupils of Demyanchuk Vasily – born in 2010 fought actively for prize-winning places, they tried to show good football and not just running behind the ball. As a result, won 7th place , and Tereshko Vadim became the best player in the team.

The somewhat different situation was with young men born in 2009 , who went to victory confidently. Group games were played on the «Hurray».The semi-finals with FC «Volyn 2009» Lutsk won confidently with a score of 3:1. The final turned out to be very interesting. Unfortunately, our players could not won the FC «Volyn 2009» Lutsk for two times, although they was lead with score 2:1, due to mistakes and excitement they lost the game – 3:2. Silver awards of «Forward Cup» went to Smyga. Sidlaaruk Vladislav was recognised the best scorer of the tournament.

And in the end, about the most important thing. At 6th of May players of FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» born in 2007 took part in the final part of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian prize tournament «Leather Ball» on the base of secondary schools of Smyga and Shepetyn. The start was very successful and made our team a favorite.Each match was exciting, the guys tried to play on the full ant the proofs of this were the goals and 2 victories. The final game with the local team of FC «Veres» Rivne became a real battle. Despite all the efforts of FC «Euroshpon-Smyga», it lacks strength, loses and gets the 2 place, and Maxim Shevchuk has won in the competition «Attempts at a distance».

According to the results of these tournaments and not only these, I would like to note a quite big growth of our football club. The efforts and faith makes all of us more stronger

Author: Levkova Olena

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