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The final «Leather Ball» in Smyga

This weekend in the village Smyga was held the final of regional stage of Ukrainian children’s football tournament for prizes of «Leather Ball» among young men born in 2006. We were pleased to the opening, which prepared by the children from schools of Shepetyn, Bereg and Smyga. Representatives of Rivne regional football federation gave prizes for each team in the form of balls.

8 strongest teams in region were divided by the will draw for the 2 groups, which was determined who has the chance to represent our region at the national level.

Young football players from Smyga defended Dubno district. With a full game advantage in meetings with Ostrog district they failed to realize it – draw 0:0. Footballers from Smyga with the team from Sarny in the second match pull out the victory in the final minutes. To get a ticket into the final needed to overcome the team from Varash. But the defeat 0: 1 crossed all expectations.

It should be noted the quite strange behavior of coaches from town of power engineers Varash who refused to play on the beautiful lawn with artificial turf, although it allowed competition regulations. Another surprising that team from Ostrog and team from Varash had an equal indicators, but exactly team from Varash should was determine the group winners and finalists in the penalty shoot-out – again failure. For what has been make this farce and deprive children of the chance to win. Not nice when the first and foremost coaches think about their points, not about the desires of their pets. First of all we must take care of them and listen to their aspirations. Some just dream to play on this field, it is difficult to understand their position.

In the second group won the children from the village Zorya, which in the end became the winners. We wish success this cute team at the Ukrainian level.

Would like to emphasize that the stadium has been designed by the European project which meets all international standards and has the the right to accept any international tournaments for children.

Thanks to our federation for providing the possibility of holding competition!

Author: Levkova Olena

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