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In January of this year FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» has became one of 11 winners of the project 11х11 champions. Football for Development Youth and Regions. The selection committee included the first vice-president of FFU, football legend Oleg Protasov, the first vice-president of the Association of amateur football of Ukraine Oleksandr Kadenko, social projects coordinator Yevgeny Stolitenko, advisor on Economic Cooperation and Development of the German Embassy in Ukraine Dr. Tobias Schrader and Embassy staff member Svetlana Chebotar, deputy Project Manager «11х11 champions. Football for Development Youth and Regions» Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ Ukraine) Tatiana Khimchenko, and Natalia Voznyuk, a representative of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

According to the results of detailed analysis of documents and submitted projects (74 applications were submitted in total), which had to meet certain evaluation criteria, the jury selected the best eleven entries from amateur football clubs and the CYSI, which won the selection. Each of the 11 clubs will receive financial support for the implementation of the declared project in the amount of up to 11 000 euros at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. Part of this amount, equivalent to up to EUR 1000, will be provided as material assistance in the form of a basic set of equipment and sports inventory.

FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» has presented in the application three measures aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle in the community and creating conditions for safe sports infrastructure for sports activities of every resident of the community, including children and young people, namely: holding the III International Children’s Football Festival «I am Patriot!», purchase of a football goal for the «Meblevik» sports complex and preparation of design estimates for the reconstruction of the sports complex «Meblevik». Some of the activities have already been implemented. In particular, the tournament «I am Patriot!» took place in March-April, which consisting of V stages. 100 teams participated in the competition, namely 1500 young players from all over Ukraine, as well as from Lithuania, Poland and Belarus came to Smyga to compete for the cup «I AM PATRIOT!». The opening of each stage took place solemnly and festively at the sounds of the national anthem of Ukraine and the introduction of the national flag, with Ukrainian songs and dances. In addition, at the stage of completion of design estimates for the reconstruction of the sports complex «Meblevik», which will be another step towards the development of football in the Smyga community.

Also in the framework of a joint Ukrainian-German project «11х11 champions. Football for Development Youth and Regions», which is being implemented in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Amateur Football Association with the support of the Football Federation of Ukraine, the German Embassy in Ukraine and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the town of Bucha in the Kiev region, in April, a four-day All-Ukrainian seminar for managers and volunteer leaders of amateur football clubs took place. During the seminar, 60 football specialists from each region of Ukraine were trained in two main areas: training of managers of amateur football clubs and training of volunteers. Representatives from Rivne region – Vasyluk Vasyl (Rivne Regional Football Federation) and Kostyuk Oksana (FC «Euroshpon-Smyga») also took part in this event.

Ukrainian experts got acquainted with the best experience in the procedure of establishing a football club, organizational structure and ensuring the functioning of the club, interaction of the club with local authorities, cooperation with partners and sponsors, fundraising, involving the help of parents of the club members, volunteers, fans, etc.
At the seminar, representatives of the German Eintracht football club and the Hessen Football Association presented the best German experience of the amateur football club system, including the club’s management and volunteer programs.

During the official opening of the seminar 11 clubs-winners of the project selection «11х11 champions. Football for Development Youth and Regions» made presentations of their projects, which are implementing now.Upon completion of the training, all participants received UEFA sample certificates, which entitle them to conduct relevant training in the regions.

During May 16-18 in Rivne region 75 people received certificates of volunteers of mass football, which give an opportunity to take part in events held under the auspices Football Federation of Ukraine and Amateur Football Association of Ukraine, as well as independently organize and carry out activities that will promote the development and popularization of mass football. The seminar was held at the Rivne State Humanitarian University. Upon completion of the training, all participants received certificates and expressed interest in volunteering activity in mass football.


It’s nice to see that young people are interested in volunteering in football. The project «11х11 champions. Football for Development Youth and Regions» – this is another step towards the development of amateur football in Ukraine. Amateur football is the «foundation» on which professional football is built. Therefore, the more such projects that provide both financial and informational support for amateur football, the sooner Ukrainian football becomes more competitive in the world.

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