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FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» at the most prestigious tournament in Europe

Pupils of Levkov Svyatoslav born in 2008 were invited to one of the most prestigious tournaments organized in Europe «Ateitis Cup», which took place in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

38 children’s groups from England, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus took part in this tournament. The name and the prestige of the tournament is evidenced by the names of the teams that competed: «Dinamo Tbilisi», Manchester City, BV Borussia Dortmund, FA «Žalgirietis» Vilnius, FC «Dynamo» Kyiv and others. Also, every match was broadcast on the Internet, so parents and all football fans were able to watch and cheer on our little players.

In three days the junior team from Smyga played 7 matches: two defeats, 3 draws, 2 victories. Thanks to these games, children have received a lot of emotions and gained international experience, which added confidence in their abilities.

Analyzing the participation in this tournament, it is nice to note that 2 victories were taken in the match against the Russians from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Players from Smyga got two defeats from the Turks and the hosts of the tournament in the third matches of the first and second game days, where there were noticeable fatigue symptoms, as half of the team consisted of players of 2009.

We are very grateful to the owner of PJSC «Euroshpon-Smyga» – Volodymyr Basyuk for the initiative and the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful tournament, where our team showed competitiveness with strong European teams that practice different styles of play.


Author: Levkova Olena

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