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FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» triumphs in Slovakia

Exciting, emotional, unforgettable were the weekend days of the children’s and youth FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» (2008 year), which was able to visit the wonderful tournament 4 CUP SPORT 2019 in Slovakia.

3 game days, 18 teams, the rule of «one playing side» did not become an obstacle for small players.

The first day included 3 fairly complex matches. Because, our training process takes place at an artificial stadium, and the sports hall also has its own characteristics, which you need to get used to. As a result, 2 victories and 1 defeat.

The second day began with the match of our regular guest CYSS 26 Kyiv (Zirka), in which nobody wanted to give up and everyone showed a good game both from the technical and the tactical side. But the luck smiled to us. The last match of the group stage did not allow to relax FC «Euroshpon-Smyga», because the output in 1/4 depended on many factors. Again deserved victory – 3:2. After that with good emotions and wonderful mood went to a well-deserved rest – a local water park. The footballers were able to gain emotional and physical strength – the joy of children had no limits.

The last, third day, so exciting and important. After all, one loser and that`s all – we will not have the ability to fight for the top three. The support and the correct words of the coach gave a big boost to the young men who are confidently entered the field to win. The rival was a team from Hungary – Budafoki LC, who also wanted to go to the 1/4 finals, so the match was tense and fighting (perhaps even with unnecessary nervous emotions from the coach of the opponent who was removed from the field). Our young kids are surely playing their game and achieved a win with a minimal difference – 3:2.

1/2 of final and again a rival from Hungary Kincsem Lovaspark SE, and by surprise, the result is the same 3:2 in our favor and we are in the final!

Final match where rival is a local team (FC Tatran Presov). So it is clear that the court, the hot support of the tribunes, the sympathy of the judges is not in our favor. But footballers from Smyga wasn`t giving up. Most part of the match was even and with a score 2:2, and in the last minutes our players did not stand the tension and lost. So the silver awards and the beautiful cup came to Smyga.

Solemn closure gave children a lot of pleasant emotions. Each player received a gift in the form of balls. Salijichuk Volodymyr is recognized as the best player in the tournament of this age group.

I would like to note that in such a not big city Presov has a number of sports halls (our team played at five and was pleasantly impressed) , where children, young people, veterans can take care of their health, develop physically and spend their free time with the benefit.

Author: Levkova Olena

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