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Football teams from Dubno region triumph at the International Football Festival in Smyga

The third stage of the 3rd International Football Festival «I am patriot» was completed, which was attended by young men born in 2009 year. This stage turned out to be quite successful for the players of Dubno region. Because FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» and CYSS Dubno passed a difficult but rather successful path in the tournament. This time, 15 teams competed for the title of the champion, I want to mention FC «Master of the Ball» from Kharkiv and FC «Ednist» Kyiv, which for the first time came to us for a tournament and showed good football.

A brilliant discovery from secondary school of Bergen and orchestra brought everyone a good mood and gave for the little players a boost to fight.

After two of intense game days, the eight best teams was recognized: FC «Euroshpon-Smyga», FC «Arsenal» Sokal, FC «Veres» Rivne, FC «Ednist» Kyiv, CYSS Dubno, CYSS Lutsk, CYSS Kvasiliv, FC «Adrenalin» Lutsk, which in the group stage confidently pursued its goal. Despite the young age of guys, it was nice to watch the technique of their games. Everyone tried to show their individual abilities, not forgetting that football is a team game.

The first semifinal was held between our FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» and FC «Ednist» Kyiv. Our contenders were at weekly meeting at us and have got a good shape, but ¼ of final they had a very difficult match with FC «Veres» Rivne, where they spent a lot of forces and because of that it was not enough forces for the next fight, so the players from Smyga had easily defeated rivals from the capital – 4:1

The second semi-final FC «Adrenalin» Lutsk – CYSS Dubno appeared unexpectedly interesting and extremely emotional from the viewer’s point of view. Because there were a large number of fans of both teams, who fiercely supported their teams and a result 2:1 in favor of the players from Volyn.
In the fight for 3 place a nice result for the CYSS Dubno, 3:1 – victory. Congratulations on the success of our countrymen.

Final for the boys from Smyga was disturbing and emotionally exhausting since the rival FC «Adrenalin» Lutsk has repeatedly confirmed the professional level.Both teams, having demonstrated a high level of skill, didn’t want to lose, so the main time ended with the result of 0:0. In the series of after-match penalty kicks the fortune smiled to FC «Euroshpon-Smyga».

Thus the winners became:
1 place – FC «Euroshpon-Smyga»;
2 place – FC «Adrenalin» Lutsk;
3 place – CYSS Dubno.

We invite this weekend to Smyga for a tournament for children born in 2010, because a record number of teams will take part – 32.

Author: Levkova Olena

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