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Football events in Smyga

A children’s trainer is a very painstaking, long-lasting job. It takes a lot of patience to educate any football player and just a good person. Each time, when conducting children’s tournaments, one can see noticeable changes in the physical, technical and psychological development of young players, their greater confidence in running the game.

It is already becoming a good tradition in Smyga to host children’s tournaments in two age groups and two stadiums at the same time. This weekend was held the Favorit Cup among children of 2010 (stadium with artificial turf) and of 2007 (natural lawn stadium). It was in these competitions compared their strength the teams from neighboring regions (Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnitsky).

Young men born in 2010 competed in a fierce battle for the entry of the four strongest, who played with each other for awards and prizes. This quartet became: FC «Volyn» Lutsk, FC «Euroshpon-Smyga», FC «Energetik» Netishin, FC «Champion» Ternopil. According to the results of the semifinals and finals, the top three became:
1 place – FC «Volyn» Lutsk;
2 place – FC «Euroshpon-Smyga»;
3 place – FC «Champion» Ternopil.

For this age group a number of football competitions were organized: «The battle of captains» (performing a penalty) and «Football bowling» (punches for accuracy). The highlight was the definition of the most athletic mom of the tournament, where Viteruk Olesya was the winner (FC «Dubno»), this component of the tournament caused the most of agiotage and sincere children’s emotions.

In the big stadium, their skills were shown by the players of 2007, where 10 teams competed. I would like to note the fact that every match played was ambiguous and very interesting. Here the desire and effort to fight to the last minute played a big role. As a result of the group and semifinal games, the 3rd place match took place between the teams FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» – FC «Veres» Rivne, where the home team felt more confident and won. Final match – FC «Votrans» Lutsk – CYSS Krasiliv, seemed spectacular and emotional. But despite all the efforts of Volyn residents, the team from Khmelnytskyi won and became the Favorit Cup tournament champion.

On September 14 at 16:00 there will be an ambiguous football event, because on one of the best football lawns in the region in Smyga the final match of the Rivne Cup will take place among adult teams, where will meet FC «Odek» (Orzhiv) – FC «Malinsk» (Malinsk).

Author: Levkova Olena

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