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The football season of children’s tournaments in Smyga is over!

The children’s football tournament “Freedom Cup”, which was organized by FC Euroshpon-Smyga, ended. It is said that in football it is difficult for both players and fans to relax. Whatever they say, but exhaustion from this game can not be avoided. Footballers get tired physically, and fans morally. Indeed, many parents and relatives come to every tournament and this one to cheer for their children, who warmly support their favorite teams.
This weekend young men born in 2008 entered the fight, where 18 teams competed which of them will become the strongest. Interesting and intense matches at the group stage according to the round-robin system determined the eight of the best that sorted out the relationship in the butt matches. According to the results of the last gaming day, the strongest teams of the tournament were determined, they were:

1st place – FC “Lviv”;
2nd place – FC “Champion” Ternopil;
3rd place – Sports School Ternopil.
4th place – FC “Euroshpon-Smyga”

Not only the children’s game was enjoyed this weekend in Smyga. After all, at the end of the children’s battles, the fans could watch the match between the two strongest football teams in Rivne – FC “Malyns” Malynsk – FC “Odek” Orzhiv, who competed for the Super Bowl of the region. Spectacular struggle ended with a minimal advantage of 1: 0. Pupils of our coach-fellow countryman – Oleg Shandruk with FC “Malynsk” became the owner of the trophy.












Author: Elena Levkova

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