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Football tournament «Ukraine wants peace»

20-21 January Department of Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of the village council of Smyga together with FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» for the first time in the new year spent theinterregional tournament «Ukraine wants peace» among children born in 2009. The purpose of this tournament is to educate youth and young patriots of their country, who dream of a peaceful sky over Ukraine.

Sports hall of the Kremenets Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy named after. T. Shevchenko warmly welcomed the young athletes. 10 children’s groups were divided into 2 groups, the results of the fight in which of determined the four semi-finalists. It is nice that the 1 team FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» managed to break into the strongest teams. The CYFC «Champion-1» Ternopil and CYSS «Elita-1» Buchach met in the semifinal, where young players from the regional center were stronger – 5:1. Another semifinal between the teams FC «Euroshpon-Smyga -1» and CYSS Ternopil was held in an extremely intense and persistent struggle, where both teams demonstrated a very high skill, a thirst for victory. Already at the beginning of the match our fellow, the forward of our countrymen Nazar closed an acute transfer of partners. The young players from Ternopil managed to equalize the score for the end of the first half and to go ahead. The 2nd half was held taking into account the result of the first half of the game. Players fromTernopil focused on protecting their own gates with the hope of quick counter attacks, and our athletes, what was owning the initiative, shot the opponents’ gate by creating a lot of moments. In the middle of the half, one of the counterattacks of the guest team ended with a third goal. The score of match forced the coach of owners to go to drastic steps: replacement the goalkeeper with the fifth field player, everything like an adult mini-football, but it didn`t produce results – 3:1. FC «Euroshpon-Smyga 1» in the fight for the third place met with CYSS «Elita-1» Buchach, where confidently wins with the score 6:1, winning bronze medals in the tournament.

Two teams from Ternopil competed in the final . This was a kind of Galician derby, because these children’s teams were fighting among themselves for the title of the best sports school in the city. The score 6:2 in favor of the affronters of our countrymen. Therefore, the winners of the tournament «Ukraine wants peace» became CYSS Ternopil. Silver winners – CYFC «Champion – 1» Ternopil. Bronze medalists – FC «Euroshpon-Smyga -1».

Our region was represented in this tournament by two teams from Smyga FC «Euroshpon-Smyga -2» and the youngest team of the competition – a kids born in 2010-2011, as well CYSS Dubno. For the team from the district center only a case in a group stage match with a team from Buchach did not allow entering to the four strongest. The youngest participants particularly pleasant surprised us with their perseverance and faith in themselves.

The best players of the tournament in various roles were rewarded by the Department of Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sport of the village council of Smyga with memorable figurines.

Author: Levkova Olena

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