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II All-Ukrainian football tournament in memory of Sergey Kochetov

None of us could not have imagined that a outlander would invade the free life of a young and independent state, the future of which young boys, sons, parents and men is defending today. Unfortunately, not everyone was destined to come back alive. Among them is our countryman, who gave his life for peace in Ukraine two years ago.

The II All-Ukrainian Tournament among children born in 2008 took place on 9-11 of November, devoted to the memory of the volunteer ATO – Sergiy Kochetov.Solemn opening of the tournament was presented by the pedagogical teams and students of the Smyga and Studyana schools, children’s exemplary brass band of the Smyga House of Culture. Touching words in memory of a warrior from the chaplain Andrei Lubunya, Vasily Antoniuk, Victoria Kostiuk, caused tears in the eyes of not one of the guests. Also were attended friends, fellows of Sergei, his father, the head of district administration – Yuri Parfenyuk, the owner of PJSC Euroshpon-Smyga – Volodymyr Basyuk, which honored the memory by laying flowers on the grave of our hero and by sincere prayer for him.

The football tournament contained 15 teams from different regions of Ukraine, among which FC «Polissya» Zhytomyr visited us for the first time. The collectives were divided into 3 groups. As a result of the fight, in the match for 3rd place met FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» – FC «Veres-2» Rivne, in which the players from the regional center received a heavy victory and won bronze medals.The final match turned out to be very exciting and tense, among teams FC «Dynamik» Kyiv – FC «Veres-1» Rivne. Most of the playing time was the territorial superiority of the capital’s children, but they were leading with a score 1:0, and missed a dangerous counterattack in which the citizens of Rivne equalized the score. A series of aftermatch penalty showed a high level of skill of goalkeepers, who repeatedly read the hits of their rivals. But the winner is only one, FC «Veres-1» Rivne is a champion of this tournament. It’s nice to mention another team from Dubno region – CYSS Dubno, who during the tournament showed a high level of play, left the group and only in ¼ gave way to the winning team.


We are very thankful the restaurant «Golden Lion», which with Ukrainian hospitality treated the participants of the solemn opening and all the entrepreneurs who sponsored the helding of tournament.

Author: Levkova Olena

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