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Incredible intrigue at the children’s football festival in Smyga

Truly fantastic football was presented by kids born in 2009 during the II All-Ukrainian football festival «I am a patriot». Perhaps, the impetus for remarkable football battles was the presence the head of the Rivne Football Federation Olexiy Khakhlyov and the owner of «Euroshpon-Smyga» Volodymyr Basyuk at the opening of the tournament with the gifts.

13 collectives from different corners of Ukraine competed at this stage of the festival. It’s nice that for the first time a team from Chernihiv region CYSS Bobrovitsa came to us for a competition. All teams in two groups at the first stage identified six teams that with golden points continued to fight for the title of winner. The final matches were marked by a tense struggle, brought a lot of emotions and kept the intrigue until the last second of the playing time, or rather, until the last blow of after matches penalty kicks.

Before the final match of the competition, the tournament table was extremely intriguing and confusing. Our football club, having scored 12 points, was eagerly awaiting the result between the teams «Dynamic-1» Kyiv – CYSS Ostrog, which at the start of the match had 10 points in luggage. So each of these teams in case of a victory, bypasses the players from Smyga and becomes the winner. Under the rules of the competition in the case of a draw team punches a series of penalties, the winner of which receives 2 points, and the loser – 1. It was this result that was favorable for children from Smyga.

The whole match the team from Ostrog led in the account 1:0 and only in the last second of the match the capital’s players equalize the score 1:1. In the series of tense and nervous after-match penalties, the children from the city Ostrog win. For them it is joy and furor, but only for a minute, in a moment they realize that this result is favorable for FC «Euroshpon-Smyga». With an equal number of points, the winner’s rule played in the match with each other, and here the players from Smyga were stronger, even in a penalty shootout series.

Upon completion of the tournament, the best players received awards in various roles:
The best defender of the tournament – Boyko Artem (FC «Euroshpon-Smyga»)
Best midfielder – Vesty Sergey (CYSS Ostrog)
Best striker – Gavrilov Sergey (FC «Dynamic-1» Kyiv)
The best goalkeeper – Schwartz Nadav (FC «Dynamic-1»)
The best scorer – Volodymyr Soborsky (CYSS Zdolbuniv).

The main reward of the best player of the tournament has been deservedly earned Sidlyaruk Vladislav, the player of FC «Euroshpon-Smyga».

We are waiting for everyone at the final stage of the II All-Ukrainian football festival «I am a patriot» among the youth of 2006, which will be held 30.03-01.04 .

Author: Levkova Olena

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