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PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» has successfully passed IWAY Standards Compliance

Dear Colleagues, Buyers, Partners and Friends

It’s nice to share with you the news that long-term hard work of our collective is aimed not only at the production of high-quality products, but also on the continuous improvement of the organization of processes, improvement of applied methods and procedures, creation of comfortable working conditions for our employees, progressive growth of social package. Our fight against environmental pollution and corruption in society has been duly appreciated by our foreign Partners.

In December 2017 IKEA check has been successfully completed by PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» for compliance with Standards IWAY and in February 2018 has been received status of Commissioner Supplier IKEA.

It is worth noting that this is not the first achievement in our activity, not the first recognition of a high level of organization and professionalism, because every year our Enterprise is the leader among exporters of the woodworking industry in Ukraine, our quality management system has been standardized for more than seven yearsago according to DSTU ISO 9001:2009, and the geography of foreign economic operations in recent years clearly demonstrates the fact of international recognition and trust in the Enterprise. However, there are no minor victories and every achievement is important to us, and especially when it is award for quality from the world’s largest furniture Seller – IKEA!

IWAY Standards, which are guided by the multinational corporation IKEA and PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» in their activities,- it is a set of rules and procedures aimed at improving social conditions and safety of work, embodied in the definition and application of the most optimal solution for ensuring the needs of the employee, protecting his rights and freedoms, preventing corruption and protecting the environment.

These IWAY Standards are based on the eight major agreements identified in the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration of 1998 “On Basic Principles and Rights at Work” and on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in Johannesburg (2000), which comply with the fundamental principles of human rights defined in the «Universal Declaration of Human Rights» (UN 1948).

And, PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» today is the first Ukrainian Enterprise. which has received this important quality mark as a certification of conformity of activity, designated by the world-renowned UN Standard and the ILO.

With the assignment of this award, we congratulate our team, which worked daily to get a quality result and our Partners, who can be certain, that working with PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» they work not only with a powerful commodity producer, and with the Enterprise that promotes and practices the International Standards of work and organization of processes in its activities!

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