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International Football Festival «I am patriot» has started

I stage of the III International Festival of Football «I am patriot» among children born in 2007 ended and in turn surprised. A pleasant moment is that this year it has become the International, because a team Geležinis Vilkas (Lithuania) came to us. New teams made this tournament one of the strongest in Ukraine. The authority of this tournament is evidenced by the fact that teams did not go for an invitation to the festival, but on their own request to be a participant. And also the presence at the stands of the scouts of the strongest football club of Ukraine – «Shakhtar» Donetsk, which was following the young talents.

Solemn opening of the Smyga School and the Model Children’s Orchestra of the SmygaVillage Council inspired the young men to a fierce struggle.

20 football teams participating in the competition, were divided into 4 groups. As a result of the struggle of the group stage, eight of the best were identified, including our fellow countrymen FC «Euroshpon-Smyga». At this stage boys from Smyga were measured by forces with the capital team of FA «Olympic» Kyiv. No one wanted to give in and tried to enter the semifinals, the main time ended with the score 0:0. The penalty shoot-out was in our favor – 5:4, and we were in the fourth strongest. In the semifinals our opponent has become FC «Volyn-2» Lutsk. The match brought together a large number of fans and the support sounded from different sides. ТBut in this fight, our rivals, who were given the opportunity to play in the final, appeared stronger. The second semi-finalist match consisted of FC «Karpaty-1» Lviv and CYSS Ternopil. Almost all the first period consisted of attacks like not one, the other team, everyone was play on the full. But already in the beginning of the second half, the more confident and stronger became the Lviv team who defeated the CYSS Ternopil.

Match for 3rd place – FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» – CYSS Ternopil, passed in one breath. The excitement of both teams was noticeable on the field, because it is difficult to lose the prize place. Despite all the efforts of our football club, our rival team CYSS Ternopil has won the bronze medals.

The final was held between two well-known football clubs of Ukraine – FC «Karpaty» Lviv та FC «Volyn» Lutsk . Two teams which deserved the attention created a real spectacle. It was a pleasure to watch the professionalism of the boys. The intrigue was held until the end of the match, fans from the neutral sides hoped to see a penalty shootout, but despite all expectations, with a score of 2-1 the team FC «Volyn 2» Lutsk won and became the winner of the III International Festival of Football «I am patriot» among children born in 2007.

All teams were awarded with sweet prizes from the general sponsor PJSC «Euroshpon-Smyga». They also provides financial and informational support: Rivne Regional Football Federation, Amateur Football Association of Ukraine, TM «КОМО», PE Prodservice.

We invite all fans of football at the II stage of the festival, which will be held this weekend among children born in 2008.

Author: Levkova Olena

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