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Training with Oleg Shandruk

The training process of children of FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» born in 2008-2009 was interesting. After all, at the invitation of the club for the children’s lessons, one of the most famous footballers of the Rivne region – Oleg Shandruk, now coach of NK «Veres» Rivne, came to visit. In the past, this person has passed the school of children of FC «Shakhtar» Donetsk and playing for the teams of the Premier League of Ukraine – FC «Chornomorets» Odessa, FC «Volyn» Lutsk, FC «Arsenal» Kyiv, has gained a lot of experience. So Oleg has something to share with growing up football players. Oleg Shandruk gave valuable recommendations to the trainers while watching the classes of children, in order to improve the training process. Having played with the children in the lively games, he positively charged himself and the small players who performed the task with maximum desires and diligence. Such moments bring a lot of pleasure to the children. Upon completion of training the well known master of the leather ball responded to the appeal and answered our questions.

Why did you decide to do a coaching activity?
– Because it’s football. I can not without football. I like the process itself, creativity. Being a football player and being a coach are two different things. For me, the stage of transition from footballer to coach was not difficult. I prepared myself for this. I was fortunate enough that at the beginning of my coaching career I headed an amateur team «Odek» Orzhiv. There I could realize myself, I had the opportunity to experiment. Now I am the head coach of a professional team «Veres» Rivne. Every game here is a definite test and training. I try to analyze each error carefully. It’s nice that I can train this particular team. I see how the club has a desire to progress and achieve higher results. This post requires an equal and fair treatment of all players. After all, if there is your friend and football player at the same time in the team, you will not become a coach.
-Have there been any disputes between you and the pupils?
– There were and now are. To date, an individual approach is important. I always have maximum requirements. My task is to timely notice the conflict situations and correct them at the beginning. It is possible to ignore, sometimes say the word, to support. These moments are perhaps the most difficult in football.
– What should our trainers pay the most attention to in the training process with the children?
– Everything is important here. If you take the training process, I would draw attention to the technical equipment – it is a work with the ball and the upbringing of children’s psychological stability. Each child is an individual with his own character. And the child’s trainer should learn it and take into account these features during training and competition.

At the end of the conversation Oleg Shandruk concluded and said valuable words to our football players:

«Football is a hard work, and who wants to grow – you need to force yourself, bring up volitional qualities. I wish you to progress, improve your skills. Для вVery comfortable conditions are created for you. Appreciate every moment you spend here. But do not forget that football should not be a barrier to schooling. After all, the game of millions is very intellectual. And learning will help find oneself in life».

Author: Levkova Olena

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