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Triumph FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» on the cup in memory of V. Lobanovsky in Kiev

For the first time in their history young football players of FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» were invited to tournament in memory of legendary footballer and coach Valerii Vasilievich Lobanovsky. This is the only tournament in our state held under the auspices of the Football Federation of Ukraine

In preparation for a serious tournament, Levkov coach Svyatoslav has played with children various combinations, variants of interesting and unexpected drawings of standard combinations, conversations were conducted in order to form a players’ psychological confidence, because 43 children’s teams from different corners of Ukraine participated in the competitions.

As a result of the group stage the soccer boomond of the capital spoke about children from Dubno region. Seven wins in seven games and the first place in the group are worth something.

In the semi-final – meeting with the team «Atlet» Kiev. Tense struggle and the main time ends with a draw 1:1. In a series of the penalties our victory 4:3 and the final.

For the final match was awaited with excitement and impatience. The representatives of the federation of football in Ukraine came for look at the game of our countrymen. Interested in one thing – whether kids from an unknown Smyga could resist one of the children’s grandees of the capital football FC «Peremozhets». They’ve managed! Basic time draw 0:0. In the after-match penalty victory 3:2. Vivat!

And then there is no limit to joy: hugs, congratulations, kisses. Here are our heroes: Pologeenko Mykola, Timoshchuk Vlad, Sen Vitaliy, Shkolyarchuk Vladislav, Moomotiuk Oleksandr, Mykhailyshin Oleg, Tymoshchuk Dmitro, Kovalchuk Anton, Mikhalchuk Artur, Yavorsky Dmitro, Dovgal Volodymyr, Pahaliuk Taras, Salijchuk Volodymyr.

Not only for football lived children in the capital. Excursion to the central square, honoring the stele of «Heavenly Hundred», an overview of the central stadium of the state – the «Olympic», a walk along the Dnipro embankment, a meeting, a photo and communication with the player of «Dynamo» and the national team of Ukraine Valeriy Fedorchuk, − all this will long remain in the memory of children.

But the culmination of the entire tournament was awarding the winners. Under the applause of the spectators, the team raises the winner’s cup and on the chest medals shining with a portrait of V.Lobanovsky.

It’s nice that the capital’s teams were interested in the game of Pologjeenko Mykola, Timoshchuk Vlad, Pahaliuk Taras.

Moreover, this victory of rural boys destroyed the stereotype that only in cities with large clubs are educating skilled football players. When creating good conditions and in a rural area it`s can prepare footballers for the game at the highest level. Over what works FC «Euroshpon-Smyga».

Author: Levkova Olena

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