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Tournament in memory of O. B. Filik

This weekend took place the tournament in memory of Oleg Borisovich Filik – a man who was committed to his cause. Oleg Borisovich is not among us, but his sincere love for football lives among us. A bright person, an extraordinary personality, a good specialist – He stayed in the memory of many partners on the football field and his numerous pupils who reached certain heights in professional football.

Children born in 2010 and born in 2007 gathered in memory of Oleg Filik in Smyga. It is gratifying that the teams from different parts of Ukraine responded to our request, who, together with us, remembered the legend of Dubno region and in the future were further configured to uncompromising struggle.

Every little footballer tried to showcase his best skills and become one of the best not only in the team, but also in the tournament.

According to the results of this football event, winners among born in 2007 were became:
1 place – CYSS Ternopil;
2 place – FC «Волинь» Луцьк;
3 place – Benfica Ukrainian Football Academy.

Intrigue in the matches 2010 stayed up to the last and the best three were:
1 place – FC «Champion» Ternopil;
2 place – CYSS Ternopil;
3 place – FC «Euroshpon-Smyga» .

«It doesn’t matter if the children will become football players or not, the main thing is that they are human beings». – was saying Oleg Borisovich.
You will remain in our hearts forever!

Author: Levkova Olena

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