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All-Ukrainian Stage of «Leather Ball» in Smyga

The stadium of Smyga «Euroshpon and his friends» for the first time has accepted official competitions of the All-Ukrainian level – «Leather Ball – Coca Cola». We were visited by the winners of the regional stages of All-Ukrainian tournament, boys born in 2006. (U-12). This tournament is held under the auspices of the Football Federation of Ukraine, so there were serious requirements to the organizers regarding accommodation, nutrition, stadium preparation and advertising of sponsors of the competition, with which the citizens of Smyga coped perfectly. According to the FFU letter, Vasily Yaroslavovich Antoniuk was responsible for the organization of the competition.

The general Republican stage gathered the champions Kyiv (NVO Piskivka), Ternopil (Ternopil secondary school №29), Zhytomyr (Korosten secondary school №3), Rivne (Smyga secondary school) regions. According to the rules of the competition, football battles were preceded by competitions: at a distance of kick, juggling by the ball and the accuracy of kick. This peculiar warm-up demonstrated the seriousness and high level of skill of twelve elderly children. The matches took place in an uncompromising emotional struggle because the winner received the right to play in the final stage.

So the results:
1) Smyga secondary school 0:0 Korosten secondary school №3;
2) Ternopil secondary school №29 1:1 NVO Piskivka;
3) Korosten secondary school №3 5:0 NVO Piskivka;
4) Smyga secondary school 0:1 Ternopil secondary school №29;
5) Smyga secondary school 3:0 NVO Piskivka;
6) Ternopil secondary school №29 0:4 Korosten secondary school №3.

Well, our countrymen typed 4 points, took the third place. And it was a good school for children in rural areas. The winners were schoolchildren of secondary school №3 Korosten, Zhytomyr region.
It is nice that the Football Federation of Ukraine gave the opportunity to take regional competition for the «Leather Ball» prizes in the village Smyga and this means that we are moving in the right direction.

Author: Levkova Olena

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