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A spectacular football tournament dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine

Great and worthwhile children’s tournament took place in Smyga on August 24-26, devoted to Independence Day of Ukraine. It is these tournaments aimed at improving the national-patriotic upbringing of the younger generation. After all, during the opening of football battles, pupils of Shepetyn and Smyga schools presented a performance worthy of Independence Day, which was reinforced by the excellent performance of patriotic compositions of Exemplary brass orchestra House of Culture Smyga.

Young footballers, filled with the energy of the holiday, began to show excitement and their skills from the first match. 12 teams were divided into 3 groups of 4 teams fought for the right to get into the 1/4 finals. This tournament was a kind of championship of northwestern Ukraine, because it was attended by children’s teams known in our region of football teams: FC Lviv, FC «Volyn» Lutsk, FC «Forvard» Lutsk, CYSS Ternopil, CYSS Tsuman, FC «Energetik» Netishyn, one of the strongest children’s football teams in Kyiv – «Zirka» (after a 10-day training camp on the base of the stadium «EUROSHPON-SMYGA»), and of course, the owners – children and youth FC «Euroshpon-Smyga».

As a result of the battles of the group tournament, four the strongest teams have been identified. Matches of the group tournament were determined our countrymen to 1/4 with one of the strongest children’s football teams of the age group of 2007 year – CYSS Ternopil, a participant of the highest children’s football league of Ukraine. Players from Smyga showed their character in a tense struggle, yielding to the beginning of the match managed to tear victory to the favorite of the tournament. The semi-final match with FC «Volyn-1» Lutsk demonstrates again the skill and will of our players. Draw 1:1 and victory in the series after penalty kicks.

Match for the 3rd place, where the first and second teams of FC Volyn Lutsk met, demonstrated that even boys from one football school are uncompromisingly fighting for a place in the main team, FC «Volyn-1» – 3:1.

Large viewing audience eagerly awaited the final match. During the final, fans were warmly supportive of their favorites. Footballers from Smyga actively and successfully started the main match of the tournament, winning 1:0, showed their confidence. But at the end of the match, thanks to more technical and tactical skills and a bench of spare children from Lviv, they equaled and tore victory – 2:1.
Winner of the tournament devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine – FC Lviv.

Author: Levkova Olena

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