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Young footballers from Smyga are silver winners in the capital of ancient Volyn

The development of children’s and youth football is one of the integral parts of our football club «Euroshpon-Smyga». After all, in addition to the training process, we try to visit a large number of football tournaments in many parts of Ukraine and Europe in different age groups.

This weekend the boys born in 2010-2011 headed by coach Vasyl Demyanchuk, had a chance to visit the wonderful tournament in Volodymyr-Volynsk «Millennial city». The first day was very intense and important, each match was solving the position in the tournament table. The boys were determined to enter the semifinal and confidently pursued their goal by showing worthy of praise games – two wins and one defeat.

Semifinal, in which our rival was the team CYSS Turiysk. The fierce struggle in which no one wanted to give up. Both teams showed themselves on the good sides and they scored one after the other goal, the score on the scoreboard – 3:3. A post-match penalty, in a word, a fortune, which this time turned to our side 4:3 – and we are in final.

The final match with the team of CYFC Novovolynsk turned out to be a really decisive . Tense struggle on every piece of sports ground and intrigue until the last seconds of the match. Closer to the end of the main time the score was 1:1. Only at the last minute of the final, our rival managed to tear the victory 2:1. The kids from Smyga became the silver medalist of tournament, but were upset because of regrettable defeat . Grytsevych Yuri was recognized the best defender of «Millennial city».

Author: Levkova Olena

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