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Worker safety

On the Company PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA», is functioning safety management system, namely:

  • Set up appropriate services and appointed custodians that provide solutions to issues of labor protection;
  • Developed and adopted regulations, instructions and regulations in force within the enterprise;
  • Conducted outreach among employees that activities aimed at occupational safety and health, not only benefiting them, but also contributes to quality of work and material success.

Great importance is given to the education of employees’ intolerance to any violations of safety requirements, intolerance, irresponsibility and the maintenance of order and cleanliness in the workplace.

Worker safety

The employer provides funding comprehensive measures to achieve the set safety hygiene and working environment as well as improve the existing level of safety at the facility.

Workers have held regular annual physical exam to prevent detection of occupational diseases.

For protection against dangerous and harmful factors of working environment on the human body, the workers on a 100% provision of special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment.

To ensure safe operation, prevention of accidents there are annually training with employees and testing of safety. There is also conducted training and test fire of knowledge on the technical level.

To conform to hygienic sanitation facilities for eating, since September 2012 was opened a canteen on the factories` territory.

To improve working conditions at the company all the time is going an upgrading of the equipment, involved modern technology and modernization. Since 2012, workshop for the manufacturing of the veneers was equipped with an automatic waste production.

Operation of safety management at PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» requires constant improvement and systematically carried out for this inspection, analysis revealed violations or irregularities to do with these errors appropriate conclusions for the future.

Worker safety policy
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