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Як відрізнити натуральний шпон від штучного

When choosing furniture and accessories, with which we are creating around the situation of comfort (or even be able to meet our ambitions, as it often cost […]

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Породи деревини для виготовлення шпону

Produce sliced veneer of different kinds of wood. Sliced veneer of «EVROSHPON-SMYGA» — a high-quality material from a solid hardwood, such as oak, ash (white and color), […]

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Опис та характеристики шпону

Sliced veneer is produced by planing wood for plywood-planing machines and used as a wrapping material. Main advantages of veneer Veneer […]

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Історія шпону

It is no accident that the idea of sawing wood into thin sheets appeared in the highly developed culture of Ancient Egypt — a country in which live […]

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