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Code ЄДРПОУ: 30981499
Legal address: Rivne region, Dubno district, village Smyga, st. Factory 1, 35680
Registered: Dubno district administration in Rivne region, 30.06.2000
Code КОАТУУ: 5621655900 (SMYGA district)
  • 16.10 Sawmilling and planing of wood
  • 16.21 Manufacture of wooden plates and wooden panels, veneer
  • 46.13 intermediaries in the sale of timber, construction materials and sanitary ware
Chief: Kovbasyuk Anatoliy Sergіyovich, Director, phone +38 (0362) 67-17-37
Contact name: Kovbasyuk Anatoliy Sergіyovich, phone +38 (0362) 67-17-37
E-mail address:
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