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Profile wrapping veneer, natural edge-banding tapes

The company PJSC «EUROSHPON-SMYGA» produces profile wrapping veneer, natural edge-banding tapes, the material for manufacturers of furniture and door industries in all the popular species of veneer: oak, ash, alder, beech, pine, maple, sapeli, makore.

Profile wrapping veneer is manufactured by splicing veneer by length (connection of the «zigzag» type, that can make the joints very strong and virtually invisible) in the rolls, and then gluing it (lamination) on a non-woven synthetic material «fleece», which gives it flexibility and stability.

The resulting material is exposed to three times grinding, eliminating the need for polishing the final product. Unlike natural veneer, profile wrapping veneer is less demanding for storage conditions. It is not as sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity (if wood veneer needs a stable temperature of 20 °C and relative humidity 65-70%, profile wrapping veneer withstand less stringent conditions storage).

Profile wrapping veneer can be used for the wrapping of the shaped moldings (casings, baseboards, bead, furniture molding, door frames, window profile, etc.), when facing the relief panels in membrane presses, processing edges on furniture components.

The technology of the production of such veneers, by changing of the thickness of the material, allows to adjust its elasticity, depending on the complexity of the profile is wrapped. Duplication reduces or eliminates cracking veneer in places of his excesses, and chipped in chamfering the lining of relief items.

Profile wrapping veneer is applied on large industries with high-tech equipment, and small-scale producers. By customer request, profile wrapping veneer can be made with already applied-melt adhesive, so that it can be glued without using special equipment.


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